(Tour time: 4 hours, Admission fees: 600yen, Matcha tea: 600yen/600yen)
Visit legendary temples in a serene setting. This course includes Kamakura’s oldest temple, a temple with a beautiful Japanese garden and a famous bamboo temple. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste a cup of Japanese green tea at the last two temples.

This tour starts from KAMAKURA Station.

1) Sugimotodera Temple

The oldest temple in Kamakura, famous for its moss-covered stone steps, was built originally in 734. A trio of Eleven-faced Kannon Statues are National and City Important Cultural Assets. (Admission fee: 200yen)

2) Hokokuji Temple (Bamboo Temple)

A Zen temple popularly known as “Bamboo Temple” was founded in 1334. In the quiet garden, where about 2,000 bamboos grow, you can enjoy a cup of matcha green tea. (Admission fee: 300yen, Matcha tea: 600yen)

3) Jomyoji Temple

Founded in 1188, this Zen temple is designated as a national historic site. Visitors can enjoy a cup of matcha green tea with the view of a Zen-style sand and rock garden. (Admission fee: 100yen, Matcha tea: 600yen)

4) Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine

Built as a tutelary shrine for the Genji family in 1180, this is the most gorgeous shrine in Kamakura attracting millions of visitors for its history, culture, architecture and various traditional events.

Course Map

The above route does not necessarily show an actual tour route. Public transportation is used for travel between tourism sites.

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