(Tour duration: 4 hours, Admission fees 700yen)
The three most popular places to experience the flavor of Kamakura are the gorgeous vermillion shrine, the flower temple housing one of the largest wooden statues in Japan, and the bronze Great Buddha, a National Treasure.

This tour starts from KAMAKURA Station.

1) Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine


Built as a tutelary shrine for the Genji family in 1180, this is the most gorgeous shrine in Kamakura attracting millions of visitors for its history, culture, architecture and various traditional events.

2) Hasedera Temple

This legendary old temple boasts of its large wooden gilt statue of Eleven-faced Goddess of Mercy, a beautiful Japanese-style garden and the nice view of the ocean from a terrace. (Admission fee: 400yen)

3) The Great Buddha

The Great Buddha

Located in Kotoku-in Temple, the Great Buddha, a National Treasure and a Symbol of Kamakura, was cast in bronze in the middle of the 13th century. (Admission fee: 300yen)

Course Map

The above route does not necessarily show an actual tour route. Public transportation is used for travel between tourism sites.

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