[Now updating for the November tour:2022-10-24]

Worshipped since ancient times, Mt. Oyama was a very popular pilgrimage site for the common people of Edo (present-day Tokyo), and still attracts a lot of hikers and visitors in our time. Mt. Oyama is also known as “Afuri-san (meaning rain-falling mountain)”, providing fresh water, clear stream as well as a wonderful view.

This tour will be conducted on pre-fixed dates (rather than fixing dates based on individual request).

Possible number of guests per tour: 5 – 15 guests
Minimum number of guests to run a tour:   5 guests   

One tour is scheduled in 2022 as follows:
November 27th (O-1)

Tours in spring can expect the beautiful cherry blossoms and tours in autumn are the best season for colorful autumn leaves.

The process for application will be announced on “GUIDED TOUR” => “EVENTS” page “approximately one to two months before the respective tours take place.


Tour Courses

O-1:Climb and Visit to Historic Places

Old Approach →Onnazaka Trail →Oyama-dera Temple →Afuri Shrine Shimosha → Miharashi-dai Viewpoint→ return to Oyama Cable Bus Stop

O-2: Longer Hike and Visit to Spiritual Places

Onnazaka Trail →Oyama-dera Temple→Afuri Shrine Shimosha→ Miharashi-dai Viewpoint→ Johotsuganji Temple →Hinata Yakushi Temple

O-2 Oyama Hiking Course

「浮世絵」【神奈川県立図書館 神奈川県郷土資料アーカイブより】