Two Spanish Men Take a Stroll in Yokohama

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Date & Time: Saturday, June 10, 10:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Visitors: Two Spanish men (Vicente and Yoel)
Spots: The Landmark Tower Yokohama, Dockyard Garden, CUPNOODLES MUSIUM YOKOHAMA, *JICA Yokohama (Japanese Overseas Migration Museum), Red Brick Warehouse, Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal, Yamashita Park, and China Town
Attendant: One KSGG member, Yumi
Language: Spanish
Report by Yumi                                                 

The visitors are going to Tokyo and Kyoto, so they chose Yokohama in order to enjoy different atmosphere. I arranged to meet the visitors in front of Central Exit of Minatomirai Station of Minatomirai Line. First, we went to a shop selling backpacks (for school children). I simply explained “Elementary school children use them.” Then they asked, “Do only elementary school children use them?” They seemed to have researched Yokohama beforehand. By an anime “Crayon Shin-chan,” they knew the daily lives of Japanese typical households. They also loved Pokemon, and took pictures with Pokemon on the mailbox near the Yokohama City Hall.
We stopped by Japanese Oversea Migration Museum in *JICA Yokohama. Daily commodities and food samples are displayed in order to understand the atmosphere of the days when Japanese emigrated overseas. As the situation of Japanese emigration is explained in Spanish, as well as English, Vincent and Yoel could understand easily. At Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal, I explained that one ship was going to leave at the moment the **Great Kanto Earthquake occurred. In China Town they seemed to like vividly colored buildings. Above all, they were surprised by the number of fortune-telling stores.
*JICA: Japan International Cooperation Agency
**Great Kanto Earthquake: 1923, Magnitude 7.9