International Students are Longing to Live and Study in Japan

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Date & Time: Tuesday, September 29, 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Spot: Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum
Participants: eight Tokyo Tech students from China, Germany, and Thailand
Guides & Observers: KSGG members and Tokyo Tech professors
Language: English, simple Japanese

The international students of Tokyo Institute of Technology made a virtual trip to Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum in Kawasaki City. Over Zoom, the participants visited several old Japanese folk-houses, a Japanese-style inn for horse traders, and a waterwheel. They also watched traditional indigo-dyeing demonstration at a workshop building. The KSGG guide explained the old folk-houses and the culture related to them.
During the tour, the guides asked some questions and the participants answered them, such as “What do you think is the material of Tatami?”, “Have you ever drunk matcha, powdered green tea?” “What is the meaning of the word written in Hiragana letters on the signboard?”, “Do you have moon- viewing custom in China?”
They could not only get explanations but deepen friendship through two-way communication.
After the tour, the students said, “I really want to go to Japan ASAP!”, “I am looking forward to visiting Japan.”