AOTS (TKC) Participants Excited by the Sea and Armored Samurai

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Date & Time: Sunday, June 2, 9:50 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Spots: Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, Hasedera Temple, and Kotokuin Temple (Great Buddha)
Visitors: 22 AOTS Participants (The association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnership) from 8 countries; Vietnam(6), Myanmar(3), Malesia(3), Philippines(3), India(2), Mexico(2), China(2), Singapore(1), and 2 leaders.
Attendants: 17 KSGG members
Language: English, Chinese, and simple Japanese


The day started joyfully when the participants happened to come across wedding ceremonies here and there at Tusurgaoka Hachimangu Shrine. They requested to have lunch on Yuigahama Beach, where some of them got into the water , forgetting to eat their lunch they had already bought. They must have been looking forward to this moment, which made us guides feel happy. After lunch, as if invited, others started playing in the sea, splashing water, and getting wet, when there came a group of samurai in suits of armor costume parading on the beach. They accepted generously our request to take pictures together. They said that they rent costumes and provide experimental events. Though hydrangeas at Hasedera Temple hadn’t been in full broom, participants who had got tired with playing on the beach, seemed to be soothed and love Hasedera Temple with its fresh greenery in summer and stone Jizo statues.