Exploration of the city of Yokosuka, the birth place of modern industry and navy in Japan.
(Tour time: 3 hours, Admission fee: 600yen, without option)
If naval base cruise is opted, various naval ships are observed.
(Tour time: 4 hours, Admission fee: 2000yen including cruise fare of 1,400yen)

1)Verny Memorial Hall

Displays steam hammers which are designated as industrial cultural propertiess.

2) Verny Park

Many kind of roses can be seen in spring and fall

3)Harbor Cruise

Sightseeing boat cruises around Yokosuka naval port

4)Memorial Ship Mikasa

One of the three major memorial ships in the world

Course Map

The above route does not necessarily show an actual tour route. Public transportation is used for travel between tourism sites.

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