ZAZEN (Sitting Meditation) Experience in Kamakura

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2018-06-12 @ 12:00 – 16:30
Kenchoji Temple
8 Yamanouchi


Let’s enjoy ZAZEN (Sitting Meditation) at Kenchoji Temple, and Seasonal Hydrangea at Meigetsuin (Option).
Kanagawa Systematized Goodwill Guide Club (KSGG) will voluntarily escort you to the temple and guide you around the temple ground.
Kenchoji is the first-ranked of Zen temple in Kamakura, and is the oldest Zen training monastery.   The highlight in this event is Zen talks with Zen priests.
12:00  Meet at JR Kita-Kamakura station
12:30  Arrive at Kenchoji Temple/Guide the temple
13:30  ZAZEN starts (15min. x 3 sessions)
15:10  Zen talk(Q&A) session.
16:00  Go to Meigetsuin to enjoy seasonal Hydrangea (Option)
17:00  Depart at JR Kita-Kamakura station
Admission Fee for Kenchoji/(Meigetsuin)   500yen/person
Fee for ZAZEN session     1,000yen/person

If you would like to visit Meigetsuin before ZAZEN, please feel free to request us.    We will arrange an optional tour for you.

KSGG will not be liable for any accidents.
If you are interested in participation, please fill out for the following application no later than June 10th(Sun), 2018.