Students Watch a Tuna Cutting Show at the Yokohama Central Wholesale Market

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[Date & Time] Saturday, December 2, 8:20 am –2:00 pm
[Spots] The Yokohama Wholesale Market, Mitsubishi Minatomiral Industrial Museum
[Visitors] 6 people from Finland, Korea, Indonesia, Poland, Japan, and Thailand
[Attendants] 6 KSGG members
[Languages] English and Japanese

We went to the Yokohama Central Wholesale Market by the north exit of Yokohama Station. First, the students watched the tuna cutting show with great interest, while taking pictures. It was very impressive to see a defrosted 63kg tuna being cut into 3 pieces in 7 to 8 minutes. After watching the show, we were warmed up by having fish-head soup of yellow tail served for free and joined the guided tour called ‘Shijyo Tankentai Guide’ hosted by the market. A boy in a fish-shaped cap working at the market guided around the market. I was impressed by his understandable explanation. We had an experience of staying in a freezer set at minus 40 degrees. At the end of the guided tour, he enthusiastically reproduced the tuna auction which had taken place in the early morning, where the participants played a role of bidders. We walked to Minatomirai and went to Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum after having lunch. They enjoyed visiting the museum using the free audio guide which was available in several languages. Our members also enjoyed it while helping them at moments. Finally, we all clapped a single time to say farewell and finished our tour.