Taiwanese Family Enjoy Summer Vacation in Kamakura

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Date & Time : Thursday, August 17, 10:00a.m. –5:00p.m.
Spots : Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, Kotokuin Temple(Great Buddah) and Hasedera Temple
Visitors: 3 Taiwanese family members(mother、 son and daughter)
Attendant: 1 KSGG member
Language: Chinese

I changed the plan from Genjiyama Hiking Course to Kamakura Highlight Course because the path was slippery due to the rain we had the previous night. Right after meeting a Taiwanese family at their hotel in Minato Mirai, we went to Yokohama Station. The son bought their tickets quickly and smoothly. The mother told me that they started to spend one week in Japan during the summer vacation three years ago and it has proven to be effective for the international education of her children.
They left their luggage in the cloakroom of Kamakura Tourist Bureau at the station. When we got to Dan-kazura, I explained that the design of Japanese guardian dogs is different from that of the Chinese one, in which they showed a lot of interest. The daughter also showed much interest in a cicada singing on a cherry tree trunk. They knew well the way of purifying themselves at Chozu-ya (washbowl); washing their hands and rinsing their mouths with water. We had some snacks on Komachi Dori Street and also had one-bowl meals for lunch. We then took the Enoden line to go to Hase and visited Kotokuin Temple, where they walked into the body of the Great Buddah. Each of us ate a whole peach. On our way to Hasedera Temple, we also had some sweets such as traditional Japanese sweets called Kintsuba and pudding. The son was doing a live report of our tour to his friends on LINE. I really enjoyed the day with the family and said good-bye at the station appreciating their natural attitude toward me throughout the day. They told me that they found our guiding service in a tourist guidebook “Tokyo and its Vicinity” .