Italian Family Walk around Kamakura Enjoying Sashimi Together

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Date & Time: Sunday, August 13, 10:00 am –16:00 pm
Spots: Sugimotodera Temple, Jyomyoji Temple, Hokokuji Temple, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, and Kotokuin Temple(the Great Buddha)
Visitors: Italian Family (a couple in their 50’s and their children in their 20’s)
Attendant: 1 KSGG member   
Language: Italian

 I met the visitors at Kamakura Station. They live in the suburbs of Milano. At first sight, I thought they were not from southern Italy but from northern Italy, as they were tall. At Sugimotodera Temple, they found a cicada’s empty shell on the temple gate and asked me what it was. I knew the English word, “cicada”, but I was a little stuck wondering how I should say “nukegara”(empty shell) and “yochu”(larva) in English. After we visited Jyomyoji Temple and Hokokuji Temple, on the way to Wakamiyaoji Street by bus, the father told me that they would like to eat meat for lunch as they would have fish for dinner. We went to a Japanese restaurant by their request. It was surprising that everyone but the father ordered seafood dishes like a bowl of rice topped with tuna. Since Japanese sushi is popular in Italy now, Italians, including young people, have been eating raw fish without reluctance. This made me realize that the times are changing. After Kamakura, they said they would go to HidaTakayama, Kanazawa and Kansai area for 15 days. I’ve heard that their yearly vacation has got shorter, but still feel envious of them as they have more opportunities to enjoy their lives than Japanese people.