An American Dad Comes to See His Son and Enjoys Outing in Yokohama

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Date & Time: Friday, May 5 (National Holiday), 9:00am–3:00pm
Spot: Yokohama Waterfront
Visitor: An American from California
Guide: 1 KSGG member
Language: English

The father came to Japan to see his son who serves in the US Air Force in suburban Tokyo. It was a fine day and we had a good time walking on the Yokohama Waterfront. He repeated, “It’s clean and beautiful in Japan.” I was pleased to hear his impression of Japan. We enjoyed walking in a sweat.
This time we didn’t decide the places to visit beforehand. First I explained the tourist spots of Yokohama by showing the map and suggested that we should walk as he liked. As it was one of the consecutive holidays, a lot of entertainments were held. He stopped before a street performer in Yamashita Park. He laughingly responded to the joke of the performer, which I thought he didn’t understand. He said firmly, “The performer is as good as the ones in Las Vegas.” Indeed, the performer had great skills and entertained us a lot.
I told him the outline of the opening of the Port of Yokohama. What we enjoyed most that day was talking together about our jobs, children, and future life under a blue sky. Because of the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula, his son’s schedule was unsettled. Hearing, however, that he could possibly see him at the end of the week, I felt relieved. It was good! He was glad to have washi-ningyo (paper dolls made of Japanese traditional paper) made by KSGG members. He said that he remembered folding origami recently. Though he looked sturdy, I felt he was gentle and down-to-earth.