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Terms and Conditions

  1. Our services are offered in English.
  2. Duration of tour is approximately 60 minutes.
  3. Our tours are free of charge. Participant is responsible for his/her communication line charges.
  4. Please have your Zoom app downloaded on your smartphone or computer prior to the tour.
    Stable internet environment is essential to participate in this tour.
    For Zoom basic operation methods, please check the Zoom official website below:
    (Please note that KSGG will not take any inquiries related to Zoom.)
  5. Tours are offered 9:00AM~7:00PM Japan time.
  6. Maximum number of participants: 5 people
  7. A trainee may be present during the tour.
  8. When a participant has not joined after 10 minutes since the start of the tour, the participant will be considered as a ‘no-show’.
  9. In case there are unexpected disruptions due to unstable internet conditions, both parties will leave the meeting and retry to join within 5 minutes. Tour will be canceled if sign in fails during this time.
  10. Personal information should be kept confidential on both sides.
  11. All rights are reserved for our guiding materials.