What You Need to Know about Kamakura: Online Guiding for 30 International Students

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Date & Time: Sunday, November 28, 5:00 p.m.− 6:00 p.m.
Spot: Online Kamakura Tour via Zoom
Participants: 18 from China, 3 from Korea, 2 from Brazil and one from each country of Thailand, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan
Online Guides: 13 KSGG members
Languages: Chinese, Basic Japanese, and English

In autumn every year, KSGG holds a real guiding tour mainly open for the international students of the universities which have campuses in Kanagawa Prefecture. However because of this pandemic, just as last year the tour was held using online system.
Thanks to the advantage of online, we are glad that a lot of international students, most of whom have already admitted to enter universities and yet are prohibited from entering Japan, could participate in our online guiding.
We did online guiding in Chinese, basic Japanese, and English by dividing all of the 30 participants into five groups according to the languages each students hoped to use.
In each group, the KSGG members made a three-part remote tour program, which was different from the program of the actual onsite guiding, so that the students could understand about Kamakura and enjoy the tour: In Part 1, KSGG members explained about where Kamakura is located and what kind of place it is; in Part 2, we introduced the spots in which the anime films such as Slam Dunk, I Want to Deliver Your Voice Trailer, and TARI TARI are set; in Part 3, we introduced the guides’ recommended sightseeing spots in Kamakura.
Each KSGG member did ingenious guiding.
It seems that the students were most attracted with the introduction of Kamakura from the viewpoints of anime.
Quizzes and Q&A (Questions and Answers) made it possible for the students and KSGG guides could communicate interactively. The online guiding tour was received well.