Six Sweet American Couples Visit Samurai Town

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[Date & Time]Friday, October 12, 10:00~18:00
[Spots]Kotoku‐in Temple(Great Buddha), Tsurugaoka Hachiman‐gu Shrine
[Visitors]12 Americans (6 senior couples)
[KSGG Attendants] 2
[Language] English

After enjoying a cruise by Celebrity Millennium, 6 American couples arrived at Osanbashi Pier, where we started Kamakura tour to feel Samurai Spirit. On the way to Kamakura, 6 couples, who never have chance to get on the train in the States, were so excited that they spoke to the others, saying “Hi. We are happy to take Japanese train.” The passengers seemed to be embarrassed by their frankness, but the conversation among them gradually made the atmosphere brighter and brighter.

Our first visit was Great Buddha. They were shocked to learn that it has been sitting exposing itself to rain for about 500 years. They showed it their thanks for giving us rays of light and a benevolent gaze.

Leaving Great Buddha brought us to Japanese Soba noodle shop. Having soba noodle with Soba Tsuyu (seasoned with soy sauce) was their first experience. At first, they were trying Tsuyu nervously, but a spoonful of Tsuyu let them eat Soba without hesitation any more. “Delicious! We love Soba!” was their comment on Soba.

However, their worry, “So far, no chance to feel Samurai. Where is Samurai?” pushed us to proceed to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, where 800‐year‐old Chinese Juniper Tree which has been alive in the huge historical transformation and Genji vs. Heishi Pond that symbolizes two strong Samurai families got them to feel Samurai powerful Spirit. In addition, we came across a cute 5‐year‐old boy in Hakama(pleated skirtlike Japanese garment) who was celebrating shichi‐go‐san (celebration of children’s growth) with his family. “Thanks to god, finally we met a Cute Samurai!! What a marvelous tour this is!” This Kamakura tour made us realize the importance of being moved by usual things and sharing deep impression with others around, which would add richness to our ordinary days. We can’t help but thank our dear guests and everyone concerned for being with us to forward this tour. Thanks again.