Indonesian Woman is Overjoyed at Visiting the Kamakura High School Level Crossing

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Date & Time: Friday, October 12, 10 am – 4 pm
Spots: Enoshima Island, the level crossing in front of Kamakura High School,
Inamuragasaki Beach, Shichirigahama Beach
Visitors: 1 Indonesian
Attendants: 1KSGG member
Language: English


Juri is a working mum of two boys eight and six years old respectively. This was her second visit to Japan. She had emailed me beforehand requesting this visit to Enoshima island, including a level crossing in front of Kamakura high school. We did see shrines and temples as well, but I kept things short so that we could go to all the places she had requested. She took many pictures, including video, which I helped. She enjoyed the beautiful scenery, and took interest in the pink emas*1 hanging off a ginkgo tree(musubi-no-ki)*2 , as well as the round ones at Nakatsumiya*3 shrine. After touring Enoshima, we went to Kamakura high school. The level crossing there has been popularized by the successful animation series Slam Dunk. In fact, she had wanted to see the level crossing for a long time. “Finally, I am here!” She said, with evident joy. We then went on to beaches of Inamuragasaki and Shichirigahama, before saying good bye to each other at Kamakura station. She may then have collected train station souvenir stamps at each station along the Enoden train line by sunset, and see sunset at Shichirigahama beach, I guess.

*1 ema: A small wooden plaque on which prayers or wishes are written
*2 musubi-no-ki : the tree at Enoshima has two trunks: Enoshima is dedicated to Benzaiten, goddess for beauty, art, eloquence and wealth, and which believers visit to pray for good relationships
*3 Nakatsumiya: a small shrine popular among women because of the charms related to beauty that people can buy there