Big Philippine Family Who Loves Noodles Visits Cup Noodles Museum

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Date & Time: Wednesday, April 12, 9:00 am–4:30 pm
Spots: Cup Noodles Museum , Yamashita Park, Yokohama China Town
Visitors: 7 Philippines ( Couple, their children and sister)
Language: English
Guided by 1 KSGG member

The family, who usually don’t live together, got together for this trip during the Easter holidays after a long time. As the parents came to Japan on a honeymoon and their second son worked for a Japanese company before, they have visited Japan many times. Their second daughter made a plan for this trip. The main purpose of their trip was to visit Cup Noodles Museum because all of them love noodles like me. In the museum, they were so happy to find Philippine noodles among the Asian-noodle exhibits. When they made their own cup noodles, they worked hard to draw a picture of birds on cups, which made me smile. We went to the Minatomirai Area to see beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom and Yamashita Park with full of flowers for the flower festival called Garden Necklace Yokohama 2017, and then moved to Yokohama China Town. When I said that Western culture was spread by Chinese people after the Port of Yokohama was opened, they looked so interested in it because they are Chinese Philippines. I envied the nice big family when I had lunch with them.