Guiding Canadians who Love Traveling Very Much Visit Kamakura

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[Date & Time] Sunday, March 26, 9:50 am–3:30 pm
[Spots]Jomyoji Temple, Hokokuji Temple, Kotokuin Temple (Great Buddha), and Yuigahama Beach
[Visitors] 6 Canadians (a couple, their 6-year-old daughter and her grandmother, the wife’s 2 friends)
[Attendants] 2 KSGG members
[Language] English

The married couple was enthusiasts about traveling. They published a book on travels around the world though they were still young. They traveled around Japan with their daughter, her grandma and the wife’s two friends. They wanted to taste maccha (green powdered tea), so we visited Jomyoji Temple first. They knew little about maccha. My partner explained the history of maccha and how to drink it at Kisenan, a tea house in Jomyoji Temple. All of them enjoyed the maccha tasting. The child was delighted to listen to the echoing sound of suikinkutu, a water jar placed in a garden that holds dripping water and resonates its splashing. When they looked at a bamboo garden in Hokokuji Temple, they said, “It’s beautiful,” again and again.
When we went back to Kamakura Station, it was lunch time. So we visited a Japanese restaurant. One of the visitors was a vegetarian. So I asked the restaurant to make tempura with vegetables only. The child wanted to return to their hotel because she felt cold and tired. The couple, their daughter, and her grandma decided to go back to their hotel. Their friends kept on the tour and visited Kotokuin Temple. When they looked at the Great Buddha, they also said, “It’s beautiful,” many times.
We visited Yuigahama Beach, where they wanted to go by all means. Looking at the empty beach, they seemed deep in thought. They returned to their hotel safely by Enoden Line.