German Family Enjoy Walking Around Kamakura in Rain

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[Date & Time] Monday, March 6, 10 am – 3 pm
[Spots]Kotokuin Temple, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, Jomyoji Temple, Hokokuji Temple
[Visitors] A German couple and their daughter (eleven months old)
[Attendant] 1 KSGG member
[Language] English

I guided a German couple with a baby in a stroller in drizzling Kamakura. I changed the guide plan for them according to circumstances, so that they would enjoy Kamakura without caring about the rain. When we met at Kamakura Station at 10 o’clock, it began to sprinkle. According to the weather forecast, it would rain hard about noon, so I changed the plan on the spot. In the morning we walked outside and visited Kotokuin Temple and Hachimangu Shrine. As it began to rain heavily, we had lunch leisurely at a tempura restaurant in front of Hachimangu Shrine. After that we went to Jomyoji Temple and enjoyed maccha or powdered green tea which the couple wanted. They were so glad to see that their baby crawled around in a spacious tatami mat room with great joy. We took a long rest, and we didn’t get wet so much. We still had plenty of time, so we visited Hokokuji Temple, though it was unplanned. For them bamboo forest was rare. They seemed to be impressed by the beauty of raindrops dripping down from tree branches.