Experience of Zazen (Sitting Meditation) at Dokuonji Temple

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[Date & Time] Saturday, January 7, 6:15 pm—8:40 pm
[Spot] Dokuonji Temple
[Visitors] 3 participants: 2 from Malaysia and 1 from China
[Attendants] 4 KSGG members
[Languages] English and Japanese

All visitors gathered about 6:15 pm. We were chatting one topic to another on our way to Dokuonji Temple. At the temple, we participated in a 15-minute zazen (sitting meditation) practice three times with a short break between practices. After all zazen practices, we were invited to green tea with sweets. We expressed our gratitude to Chief Priest Fujio, and left the temple. According to recent TV programs, the number of people who practice zazen regardless of religion has been increasing all around the world; the fact that zazen reduces stress effectively has been proved from a medical viewpoint; particularly, it works on the brain much more. For myself, this is the first zazen experience ever, and so I cannot find a suitable answer if someone asks me, “How zazen works?” But I manage to say one thing, “I feel like my head and body got refreshed somehow.”