This tour will be conducted on pre-fixed dates (rather than fixing dates based on individual request).

Possible number of guests per tour: 5 – 10 guests
Minimum number of guests to run tour: 5 guests

This year, the tour will take place on September 15th, and November 23rd.
The process for application is announced on “GUIDED TOUR” => “EVENTS” page “approximately one to two months before the respective tours take place


Tour Courses

Mt. Oyama
Mt. Oyama hiking course is to visit some spots along the approach to Oyama including the waterfalls before climbing up to Afuri Shrine via Oyama-dera Temple. (Tour time: 5 to 6 hours )
Let’s climb up the stairway to Afuri Shrine. From there you can see a splendid view awarded 2 stars in Michelin Guide. Surrounded with the sounds of streams and waterfalls, hikers or visitors can enjoy the breezes from the trees, and feel the fresh air of Mt Oyama.
This tour starts from ISEHARA STATION on the Odakyu Line

1) Old Approach to Oyama Pilgrimage and Waterfalls

Pilgrims in the old days purified themselves in the rivers or in the waterfalls before entering Mt.Oyama and stayed in the regular pilgrims’ inns called “shukubo”.

2) Koma Sando and Onnazaka Trail


Pilgrims’ inns, restaurants and traditional souvenir shops are on both sides of Koma Sando (362 steps). Onnazaka Trail (women’s slope) waits for hikers with numerous steps and the Seven Wonders of Oyama.

3) Oyama-dera Temple

Oyama-dera Temple was originally founded by the famous priest Roben in 755. The present temple is renowned for the beautiful scenery in the seasons of the fresh green and the autumn colors.

4) Afuri Shrine Shimosha

Afuri Shrine Shimosha is located about 700 meters above sea level, offering spring water and a splendid view.

Please note that the tour may be canceled in advance if a good chance (such as 40% or more) of rain or any bad weather is anticipated during the day of the tour.

Because KSGG organizes the tour on volunteer basis, neither KSGG nor any of KSGG staff are responsible for any injuries, or theft and/or damage to possessions that may occur during the services. KSGG strongly recommends that you take out and hold an appropriate level of travel insurance that provides coverage for you while you are undertaking the tour.

List of Essential Items (to wear and to bring) is also included in the CONDITION OF THE TOUR.

Please refer to the CONDITIONS OF THE TOUR for more details.

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