IKEBANA Workshop

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[場所]横浜国立大学 国際教育センタ―306教室
[使用言語]指導・資料 英語、日本語


*Very fun! 楽しかった!生け花が大好きです。
*It was good! I like it! I’ve never done Ikebana before and the experience was amazing.
*Actually, this is my very first time and before, I do not have any image at Ikebana. But now, it exactly has its own meaning and taste based on nature. I love it very much.
*The Ikebana class was really nice. So relaxing, I felt comfortable. I received help and it was useful to make a beautiful flower arrange. とてもたのしかったです。
* Very nice experience! I learned a lot about Ikebana.
* It was great! This is my first experience and I very enjoyed it. I learned a lot from this class.
*I love it, Ikebana is such a beautiful art. I would love to have the chance to do it again in the future.  〔感想文は受け取りママ〕