#cancelled# OYAMA Course-2 Hiking Tour on 12th of April

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2020-04-12 @ 08:50 – 15:55
Meeting at Isehara station
1-1-7 Sakuradai Iseharashi
KSGG Oyama hiking tour group

This tour is cancelled due to the current coronavirus(COVID-19) outbreak situation.




Tour date: 12th of April(Sunday) 2020.

(OYAMA Course-2)


Possible number of guests per tour: 5 – 15 guests

Minimum number of guests to run tour: 5 guests

Participation Fee : JPY1000 (as the share of the travel expenses of KSGG guides and the insurance including you.)

※Other expenses (such as your lunch and the travel fee) are not included..

Please apply on or before April 2.  We will accept it on first-come-first-served basis.

Please visit Guided Tour from the top of this page and look at OYAMA for your reference.


Mt. Oyama

Mt. Oyama hiking tour (Course-2) is to climb up to Afuri Shrine via Koma Sando, Oyama-dera Temple, then go on a further hike to Hinata Yakushi Temple. (Tour time: 6 to 7 hours)


Let’s climb up the stairway to Afuri Shrine.  From there you can see a splendid view awarded 2 stars in Michelin Guide.  This hiking route is a part of pilgrims’ way leading to Afuri Shrine and Oyama-dera Temple on which many people pilgrimaged since ancient times.

You hike further on to Hinata Yakushi Temple, where you will meet the healing Buddha and flowers in season.



08:50 Registration starts at Isehara railway station of Odakyu Odawara Line(OH36)

Complete registration of all participants

09:05 Departure / Take bus to Oyama cable car station and tour starts

09:40 Start Climbing up Oyama via Koma Sando and Onnazaka

10:30 Oyama-dera Temple

11:10 Afuri Shrine Shimosha


13:00 Miharashi-dai View Point

13:05 Start going down Mt. Oyama to Hinata area

14:40 Hike in satoyama (seminatural area near a village) and arrive at Hinata Yakushi Temple

15:20 Come down to Hinata Yakushi bus stop / take bus to Isehara station

15:55 Arrive at Isehara station (the tour ends)


(Please note that climbing from Afuri Temple Shimosha to the summit of Mt. Oyama is not included in this tour.)



Please note that the tour may be canceled in advance if a good chance (such as 40% or more) of rain or any bad weather is anticipated during the day of the tour.

#Note: The tour may be canceled in advance by KSGG in case of further development of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) concern.

Because KSGG organizes the tour on volunteer basis, neither KSGG nor any of KSGG staff are responsible for any injuries, or theft and/or damage to possessions that may occur during the services. KSGG strongly recommends that you take out and hold an appropriate level of travel insurance that provides coverage for you while you are undertaking the tour. Please refer to the CONDITIONS OF THE TOUR for more details.


List of Essential Items (to wear and to bring) is also included in the CONDITION OF THE TOUR.


Please refer to the CONDITIONS OF THE TOUR for more details.


Click the Condition of the tour as below;

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