Enjoyable Stamp Rally in Enoshima with family

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Date & Time: Monday, February 4, 9:50 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Spots: Enoshima Island
Visitors: Taiwanese family— a couple in their 30s and a four-year-old-boy and a one year-old-girl
Attendants: 2 KSGG members
Language: Chinese

It was a fine winter day. We met at Ofuna Station. As they didn’t have enough diapers, we went to buy them at Seiyu Store nearby. I exchanged emails with them for such a long time from last summer that their baby turned almost one year old. Since we spent some time shopping, we headed for Enoshima Island by monorail. As we could see Mt. Fuji slightly through its windows on the way,I felt we were lucky. But soon after that, I was disappointed to find that weeping plum trees had not yet bloomed at Joryuji Temple near Enoshima Station. The wife and I hold their son’s hand from both sides lifting him up when we crossed the long Benten Bridge. To begin with, I introduced the yachting race site for the 2020 Olympics. It was warm for February and the sea was shining.
It was lucky that we could sit at a table at the restaurant “Tobiccho”,which they wanted to go to, without waiting for a long time. Though eating lunch with children seemed to be hard, their mom handled it very well. The father and his son enjoyed a stamp collecting here and there. This is a good idea for parents with children. Using Enoshima ESCAR, an escalator, we went up to Samuel Cocking Garden and looked over Sagami Bay at the observation deck. They received a red ink stamp in a Goshuin cho, a stamp book, at Nakatsu-miya Shrine. I was surprised to find just a stamp without the name of the shrine and the date written with a brush. At the Okunoin, it became a little colder because the wind was picking up. Since the couple had another plan, we finished our sightseeing tour there. We went down a back road while chatting. As they took the Odakyu Line to go back, we said good bye at Fujisawa Station.