Vietnamese‐ American Family Enjoy a Tour around Kawasaki

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Date & Time: Tuesday , December 26, 9:20 a.m. – 3:50 p.m.
Spots: Kawasaki Daishi Temple, Tokaido Kawasaki Shuku Koryukan, Hayashi Doll Shop
and Toshiba Science Museum
Visitors: 15 members of Vietnamese‐American Family
Guides: 3 KSGG members
Language: English

We started the tour from Kawasaki Daishi Station and looked leisurely around the shops along Nakamise –dori street, having dropped in several shops. Although we had reserved a wheel-chair for their father the day before, he walked well without using it.
One of our guide members gave them an explanation about a Daruma doll, Chozuya ( purification trough and censer), and also played a role of photographer. We were lucky enough to walk onto the clean tatami floor of the main hall because the year-end cleaning had been completed the day before. We had hot lunch of soba or udon noodles of our choice at the restaurant called Hayama which we had had a reservation, located near the gate of Kawasaki Daishi Temple. The children looked very happy and satisfied with the lunch.
After lunch we headed to Tokaido Kawasaki Shuku Koryukan, Another member of our guides interpreted into English the explanation given in Japanese by a volunteer guide at Koryukan. A cool young man of 16 voluntarily wearing a costume of a traveler in the Edo period. Their small child followed the young man putting the same wear on,and his parents were so enthusiastic that they took a lot of photos of their boy.We then visited Hayashi Doll Shop and Toshiba Science Museum, which brought us to the successful end of the planned tour for the day.