JICA Tokyo Participants Relax at Enoshima Island After Busy Days

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Date & Time: Saturday, September 16, 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
Spots: Enoshima Island
Visitors: 8 JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) participants from 6 countries: 2 each from Malaysia and East Timor, and 1 each from Bolivia, Iraq, Indonesia, and Myanmar
Attendants: 3 KSGG members
Language: English

Although unfortunately it was a cloudy day, the young female participants who appeared at the station looked very cheerful and happy. They joyfully said, “We have been exhausted since we arrived in Japan. It takes almost two hours one way to go to classes and we have to concentrate on lectures. On weekends, we just went shopping in Shinjuku and Shibuya at most. So we have been looking forward to this sightseeing on Enoshima Island.” Including local foods, souvenirs, and streetscape, everything seemed to be new to them. They took many photos using selfie sticks. In the precincts of Enoshima Shrine, the structures of it as well as trees and flowers were the ideal objects of shooting. They were happy to try Japanese foods. They enjoyed seafood very much, sharing grilled squid, grilled whole shrimp, and shredded seafood tempura among them.
On the other hand, the male participants seemed to be keenly interested in the souvenirs made of seashells of various sizes and kinds. So they looked out seashells at some souvenir shops. The female participants were impressed by Enoshima Island. At the end of this tour, female participants said, “We will surely visit here again while we stay in Japan!” I wish them a lot of pleasant memories in Japan.