Taiwanese Women Enthusiasts for Japanese Historical Drama Enjoy Sankeien Garden

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Date & Time: Thursday, August 3, 9:00 am –11:45 am
Spot: Sankeien Garden
Visitors: 2 Taiwanese women
Attendant: 1 KSGG member   
Language: Chinese

 The visitors were a mother in her 50’s and her daughter in her 20’s from Taiwan. I guided them to Sankeien Garden. Other KSGG members had guided them to Enoshima Island the day before. It was the first time for me to guide visitors from abroad by myself. I prepared materials about Sankeien Garden beforehand. Although I felt nervous before meeting them, they were very nice people and their smile made me relaxed. The mother likes Japanese dramas, especially period dramas. When I explained about the Edo Shogunate in front of Rinsyunkaku House, she became interested in the story of the Edo Period, saying she had seen it in the dramas. At Chosyukaku House, which was associated with Iemitsu Tokugawa and Kasuga no Tsubone, we were excited to talk about the inner halls of Edo Castle. We also walked through the inside of Old Yanohara House, a house with a steep thatched rafter roof. After we enjoyed leisurely walking around the garden for about 3 hours, we said goodbye at the bus stop and finished our tour.