Filipino Bankers Visit Flower Fest in Yokohama

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Date & Time: Wednesday, May 3 (National Holiday), 11:30 am–5:45 pm
Spots: The Landmark Tower Yokohama, Dockyard Garden, Sailing Ship “Nippon-maru”, Railroad Promenade, Red Brick Warehouse, Yamashita Park, and Yokohama Chinatown
Visitors: 10 Filipinos
Guides: 2 KSGG members
Language: English

The visitors were 10 Filipinos who came to Japan to attend the Asian Development Bank’s annual meeting held at that time. They wanted to see Japan as much as possible while they had no meetings. During the lunch time, spreading out a route map of the trains, they asked us how to go to Tokyo Disneyland and the depots of the tour buses. As unfortunately it was during Golden Week (a succession of holidays between late April and early May), it was full of people everywhere. They, however, were easygoing and didn’t care about that. We went to the National Urban Greenery Fair Yokohama, which was a flower festival and one of the places they wanted to visit. They took many pictures of the flowers they liked.
While we guided them, we paid close attention so as not to miss our visitors. Not to lose them, one of the guides walked at the head of the group and the other at the tail. At the spots we decided, we counted the number of our visitors. At the last of the tour we went to Yokohama Chinatown. For the visitors, who were slightly hungry, we went to a fast-food restaurant run by an old establishment, where we could eat dim sum(Chinese snacks). After we ate small dishes as we liked, we went to the subway station pushing our way through the tourists who were walking while eating. Together with the Filipino visitors, I enjoyed the day trip and learned some of their national character.