Guiding Yokohama for Saint Maur Parents

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[Date & Time] Monday, October 3, 10:15 – 12:15
[Spots] Yamate area in Yokohama
[Visitors] 10 Guardians of Saint Maur International School, with 3 each from Brazil, the U.S. 1 each from the U.K., Russia, France, and Australia
[Attendants] 2 KSGG members
[Language] English
My KSGG partner and I guided some parents after preparations for guiding. All of the participants got together on time, at the entrance of the Saint Muar International School, and we headed towards the Berrick Hall. One of the attendees was with her three-month old baby in a stroller. All the visitors live in Yamate, the bluff area in Yokohama, and are different from tourists who just come and go. At the beginning of the tour, I briefly explained the history of Yokohama, showing photos and illustrations. I hope they will keep good memories of their lives in Japan. At the Ehrismann Residence we had a lively conversation about raw egg pudding. There, I put a ten-yen coin in the slot of a retro telephone and was surprised to find that it still worked. We went on the tour at the destination of Hill Park with a view of the port of Yokohama after the Ehrismann Residence. On the way we stopped at the Motomachi Park, the western houses, and the Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery. I explained the general overview of each sightseeing spot, while my KSGG partner added explanations to it in details. It rained a bit, but we completed the tour in time. At the British House, the final spot in the day’s excursion, we took a group photo. Responding to a question from the participants, my partner introduced the story of “A Girl who Wore Ruby Red Shoes.” I played the nursery song about the sad tale that I recorded in preparation for guiding, to accompany my partner’s story.