Tutoring Activity Report

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[Tutee] A Myanmar female student [Enrolled in] Master’s degree program in Urban Innovation at Yokohama National University Graduate School [Tutoring Term] May 2015 – September 2016 [Tutoring Site] Kanagawa Kenmin Center near Yokohama Station I taught a Myanmar girl Japanese for two hours twice or three times a month. In the beginning she learned elementary grammar, and then moved up to Genki II, an intermediate course in Japanese. We spoke in Japanese on Japan and her country, which she was pleased to talk about. Her Japanese study picked up speed in the end, and she became able to express herself roughly. She tried to use polite Japanese when she spoke to people other than her friends. I wished she had a little more time in Japan. She did everything enthusiastically; she, besides her major in urban development, studied Japanese language, tried flower arrangement, enjoyed a boat cruising on the Yokohama Marine Shuttle, attended yukata (cotton kimono) party, and went to Tanabata, a star festival held on July 7. We, both in yukata, went to the fireworks festival held at Tamagawa River at the end of this August. Both of our families got together and had a good time. She loved Japan so much and wanted a Japanese name for herself. Though she had already left for her country, she was willing to study again at the YNU to pursue a higher degree.